Rules of this Blog

We want this blog to be a useful source of information about Sandy and the local area. So you are free to register and post any items or articles that you feel will be of interest to others viewing this site.

However, we have to insist on a few ‘common-sense’ rules:

1. No pornographic material of any kind.
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4. Advertising may be accepted on this site but will require pre-approval – free to not–for profit organisations & groups and. for commercial advertising, payment of an appropriate fee. (See our instructions page at

In all matters, admin’s decision is final – no exceptions.

NB: in order to post or comment on posts etc , you will need to register and be approved by admin. We will only approve registrations from people who provide their name and a recognisable email address. Sadly, this is necessary these days, due to the high level of spammers attempting to infiltrate.

Apart from that, you are free to post about any issues affecting life in and around Sandy – happy posting!

Sandy Blog Admin