About Sandy Beds Blog

Sandy Community Website was founded in 1999, in order to provide local news and information about Sandy in Bedfordshire. Today, nearly 15 years later, the site has become largely redundant in terms of how information is now being communicated through social networking and Tweets from Twitter. Therefore, it is with some sadness that we have deactivated information updates on the Community Website. The static parts, such as the local history timeline remains but there are no longer any ‘What’s On’ pages active. However, the Sandy Beds Blog is continuing and will hopefully provide a useful resource for people to post comments and messages about issues and events involving Sandy and the local area. There are many and varied opportunities for commenting on and promoting things to do with Sandy and this blogsite is just one example.

The website run by Sandy Town Council, has a Diary/What’s On section and also links to the Sandy Tourist Information Centre , and Sandy Library – who publish a monthly update of their events and activities. Currently, this is only available in hard copy format from the Library during opening hours. the  SCW Facebook page will also continue to post news and comments about local events and activities.

Whilst this has proved very popular and successful over time, we have felt the need for more immediate updates that can be put online easily and quickly. Local organisers can post comments and information about events and activities themselves, just by registering as a user and posting their news. unlike Facebook however, even when these are archived on a monthly basis by the blog system, the posts and notices will remain more accessible.

We hope that this  facility will be used so that others visiting this blog can find out what they need to know about local events. Registering and posting your information is free. Local businesses can also advertise, although we will charge a small fee for featured ads that stay on the page. Please get in touch for more information.

Editor – The Sandy Beds Blog